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Czech historians have been only exceptionally interested in one of the world’s most widespread hobbies, family history and genealogy. The growing interest of the public in the past of their own family, generated by the digitization and accessibility of the necessary data, has been however noticed also in the Czech Republic. The decision to organize a panel on the topic of genealogy and family history during the 12th Congress of Czech Historians in Ústí nad Labem was a logical consequence of the current situation. On 20 September 2022, the session entitled Poverty of History?! Genealogy, DNA and Family History took place. Nine presentations were delivered to an unexpectedly large audience, which consisted mostly of academics but also of practicing professionals such as private genealogists and archivists. A full room has convinced us that public genealogy and family history is the topic that deserves our interest.


genealogy; historiography; historical demography

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